Carla is 1 of the 5 girls of Def Jam Vendetta.She cannot be your girlfriend because she takes your girl away from you.She is the heaviest of the girls being 114 lbs and 5,5 in height.She is also the strongest of the girls.She is a lesbian.

Blazing Moves:High Maintenance:She chokes her opponent then begins to slap them.After the final slap she turns around.She turns back around jumps above her opponent and axe kicks them.

2 Hot 2 Handle:She grabs the opponent from the back,turns around and slams them to the ground.She then kicks thier head up and sits on it.Then she jumps on the opponents head again,somersaults and kicks them off at thethumb|300px|right|Carla does 2 hot 2 handle to deja. end.

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